Reconnect yourself to nature through food.

We have a range of memberships depending on your needs. Together, as members, we can build a farm that produces a wide diversity of year-round, local food. We're talking about more great tasting, nutritious, and culturally-appropriate foods than you can lay your eyes on! Let's secure our future with food, not only at the farm but in every member's community as well.

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General Member

$19 per Year
  • Access to FarmLife Work Days
  • Special Perks and Deals for the following:
  • Food Products
  • Workshop & Seminars
  • FarmLife Overnight Experiences

Incubator Member

$360 per Year
  • Customized study plan
  • Access to the farm and services
  • Develop a local food business or project

Enterprise Member

$199 per Year
  • Join a community of local food businesses
  • Full access to excellent farm soil
  • Pay per use services

Become a General Member

Interested in purchasing food directly through our CSA shares? Perhaps your green thumb is aching for some workshops that reconnect you a little more with food and nature? Well, it's time you got on the other side of our newsletter!

This is your first step to local food and all of the possibilities that come along with that. You'll still get the newsletter to keep you in the loop, but receive additional information on how you can engage with Cavaleiro Farm.

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General Membership is currently available, join the community!

Incubator Membership

Ready to make local food a lifestyle? Join our community of other farm members who are also on the path to reconnecting with nature.

The Incubator Membership is an opportunity for disciplined food study. Each incubatee participating in the program has access to tools, training sessions, project and group work that allows them to experience the changes they see. As they progress, they'll become more conscious of design and how everything is connected. Final program projects give incubatees the opportunity to add something new to the local food capacity on Cavaleiro Farm.

This program is not just for farmers, but also people working in other disciplines needed to support the building of a local food system (e.g. restaurants, education, building/construction, business, social enterprise, etc).

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Incubator Membership is currently available, join the community!

Enterprise and Partner Memberships

Do you already have a business that's making moves on the local food scene, but see Cavaleiro Farm as the springboard to bigger things? Want to start your own farm, but right now that dream looks a little out of reach? Or do you already have your own farm and see some exciting synergies with Cavaleiro?

The Enterprise and Partner Memberships are designed so that farmers and local food businesses can access the space here as if it were their own farm. Our flexible pay-per-service system and the supporting infrastructure get you to a sustainable operation as quick as possible.

Brothers and sisters around the world are making diverse, productive farms throughout the world. It's time to catch up!

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Enterprise Membership is currently available, join the community!

Sample of our community

Damian Adjodha

Educator, Catalyst Farmer

Janice Ho

Journalism: Nature, Food, Outdoor Adventures

Ivan Wadgymar

Chef, Restauranteur, Farmer, Cultural Ambassador

Rene Suarez

Holistic Living, Soaps, Lotions and Oils

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So, you're interested in exploring the farm life, but not quite sure if you're ready to commit to a membership? No problem!

Join us for a Farm Tour or Farmer Workday to learn more about the farm and how it works. You'll receive an inside look into the community and learning programs exclusive to members. 

Open Work Day – Members and Farmers Only

By Saqib | March 23, 2016

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