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Get as close to food as you can get without becoming a farmer. Do you live in Schomberg or close to one of our pickup sites in the Greater Toronto Area? Beyond just local food, you have the opportunity to be part of growing Cavaleiro Farm and the community of farmers that work together to provide you with a range of food and experiences.

If you want to go beyond passive consumption, then this might be the farm for you. We want our love of nature and food to spread to you. Bring home some vegetables but perhaps some of those are alive and keep giving you food over weeks? Maybe the living wall of plants brings some of the freshness of the farm in your living room. Workshops, guest visitors, be behind the scenes helping us run our four seasonal events.

Get the inside scope on what it takes to run an ecological farm. More access to the farmers, stories and the projects as we take farming into the 21st century. As you progress through the 2016 season, you will get opportunities to unlock additional access and participation at the farm, who knows you might even like it enough to farm yourself? Earn UC points and use them towards purchases.

General members can buy CSA share, can volunteer, have access to farm, first crack at stuff, and even setting up a food hub where you live. Local food is just the start, the journey is a re-connection to nature.

How it works?

It’s easy. Sign up on the website or at Cavaleiro Farm during open hours. You’ll instantly receive more access on the website to content like stories, pictures and video. If you go to the Cavaleiro General Store, you’ll see more options for food items, workshops and experiences that are up for grabs.

As you get to know the farm you can change what type of content you want to see. Maybe you really want to know what’s going on with your favorite farmer, or opportunities that help you on your path to changing your food system. It’s real access to food, and the land that provided it.

General memberships works out if you see yourself getting food from the farm regularly, or your into workshops and other on farm activities a few times throughout the year. If not, you can still sign up for our newsletter, buy food and take a workshop.

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