Enterprise Membership



So your ready to take your farming business to the next level? We’re looking for you to join our community of farmers and contribute to the bread basket of the Cavaleiro Farm CSA.

This membership allows you to pay for the services you use on the farm to run your business. Be part of the day to day operations and impact the direction of the farm.

Be part of a community of food entrepreneurs.

Do you already have a business that’s making moves on the local food scene, but see Cavaleiro Farm as the springboard to bigger things? Want to start your own farm, but right now that dream looks a little out of reach? Or do you already have your own farm and see some exciting synergies with Cavaleiro?

The Enterprise and Partner Memberships are designed so that farmers and local food businesses can access the space here as if it were their own farm. Our flexible pay-per-service system and the supporting infrastructure get you to a sustainable operation as quick as possible.

Brothers and sisters around the world are making diverse, productive farms that are more than just farming food. It’s time to catch up!


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