Maravillas Maravillosas

Farm Poetry

Hannah Atkinson Renglich

Hannah Visting Cavaleiro with Ivan in 2015

maravillas maravillosas
hannah atkinson renglich

as the girasol
does its namesake
work of turning to the
sun we do
the opposite
shielding ourselves
with feathered straw hats
and taking up
hoes and rakes
to break the twitchgrass
crowding out beds
formerly laden with garlic
on a hot September
morning in the milpa
at Cavaleiro Farm

as the morning mercury
rises we move our bodies
to the tomatillo beds to
harvest the fullest
paper lanterns laden
with fruits for salsas
or homegrown throat
remedies while donning
aliases for the labours
of our love as the
food sovereignty gecko
and his compadre the
misnamed tequila monster
and perhaps their commadre
dragon tongue bush beans

transplanting ourselves
to the maravillas beds
to harvest for the upcoming
dia de los muertos
we grow dreamy and
talk of preserving methods
in old books perhaps
best served by stealing
into libraries in the middle
of the night to hide flowers
between the covers
no one reads
would those be encylopedias
or some other such

as the sun cooks the
earth i start to envision
a library filled with
books filled
with flowers
filled with the
smell of death
filled with memories of
the ancestors
what a romantic
thought bubble
quickly popped
by the lowing of hungry
sheep the sharp
kikirikí from the rooster
and two dogs
asking for more to eat

the little frogs leap
out from underfoot
as we move toward
the van full of the
warmth of the day
the love of la tierra
the kiss of the sun
and the goodness of
time spent at ease
using our vessels well
and our hearts equally
laughing at our good
fortune to be here
convened by chance
and one very clever


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