How to get chickens in your backyard


Learn the nature of chickens in this hands on workshop. We show you how to create a healthy and happy environment for your chickens.

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Tue August 2nd at Black Creek Community Farm


What is the Backyard Chicken Workshop?

Enjoy tasty, nutritious eggs for you and your family. This is the comprehensive workshop that will help you learn how to have chickens in your own backyard. We will help you see the environment from their perspective.


August 2nd 6:30 - 8:30 pm at Black Creek Community Farm

Price: Adult $20 Child (4-15) $10




Are you interested in preserving Canada's endangered heritage breed of chicken? How about enjoying tasty, nutritious eggs grown in your own backyard? Cavaleiro Farm in partnership with Dynamic Lifestyle and Black Creek Community Farm have put together the complete backyard chicken workshop. Everything you need to create the perfect environment for a chicken.

The Chantecler is a Canadian heritage breed of chicken. It is one of the most cold resistant chickens there is and a excellent layer of eggs. The perfect chicken for our backyards!


The Backyard Chickens Workshop and Chantecler Chickens were developed in partnership by Cavaleiro Farm and Dynamic Lifestyle.


Rodolfo Gerochi is a expert breeder and his social enterprise uses farming and entrepreneurship to help people, young and old, live a more dynamic lifestyle.

Cavaleiro Farm works with partners like Black Creek Community Farm and Dynamic Lifestyle to incubate new careers and grow businesses.


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