2018 CRAFT Intern Positions

Program Duration Beginning of May to end of October 2018   Location Schomberg, Ontario (just 20 mins north of Vaughan)   Overview The Apprentice Program is a full time ecological farm experience where you will learn what it takes to build and run an ecological farm. Apprentices receive accommodations, and learn how to grow organic…

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Exploring Alternatives on Patreon

I’ve been talking to people about patreon for the farm and found a great example. I was watching this video on youtube. I noticed at the end of the video a patreon link,  checke it out here  Great example, I think this would work well for the farm. I’ll bring it up in the next…
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Maravillas Maravillosas

Farm Poetry Hannah Atkinson Renglich Hannah Visting Cavaleiro with Ivan in 2015 maravillas maravillosas hannah atkinson renglich as the girasol does its namesake work of turning to the sun we do the opposite shielding ourselves with feathered straw hats and taking up hoes and rakes to break the twitchgrass crowding out beds formerly laden with…

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September on Cavaleiro Farm

Farm time passes in an interesting way, days run out quick yet the beginning of the month seems like such a long time ago. What I definitely remember is that it was really hot this month. Lots of days that felt like they should have been in July, the only difference was the sun didn’t…

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Digging a Climate Battery

Here I am using the transit with Nivaldo in the background I’d like to introduce farm member Nivaldo, whose project is called Revo Gardens. You might have noticed that along the farm driveway, there is a pile of greenhouse components and a giant hole in the field. Nivaldo is building an aquaponic greenhouse that will…

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Aug 2017 Newsletter

Hi, I’m Antonio and although I am certainly not alone in this adventure, I am responsible for Cavaleiro Farm. This is our third season of growing and I wanted to bring fill you in on what has been happening through our first newsletter. We’ve been hard at work getting Cavaleiro Farm up and running from…

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Harvestival 2015 Newsletter

*|MC:SUBJECT|* *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* Cavaleiro Events Team invites you to Harvestival 2015 View this email in your browser GREETINGS FROM CAVALEIRO FARM You may have heard Damian Adjodha, Antonio Gomes or Saqib Siddiqi mention Cavaleiro Farms in Schomberg (just north of King City). We would like to invite you to come visit the farm and learn more…

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Seven Lives & Maizal Taco It Up At The Farm

Click below to read Chef Ivan’s article. For those who didn’t know; Chef Ivan from Maizal and Chef Sean Riehl from Seven Lives Tacos brought their crews to the farm for the long weekend. More than 40 people attended the event and got to experience a REAL and UNIQUE field to table experience. Together they…

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Active Listening Games

Doing research for uncoming April 29 anti oppression training on the farm. Came accross a great article online about different activities. Let’s see which one we do this weekend! trainers-tips-active-listening-exercises
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