Bird Project Workday

Drove up to the farm and met Tony early Saturday. We had a quick chat and then we went home to prepare for the peach festival and he drove Reiza home. I had the farm to myself.

I released the new hatched ducks and chickens outside from their brooder for the first time.
10 Ducklings, 2 Hens and 1 Stan
Watched over them and observed them for while planning and gathering things for workday.

Began training them to return to brooder by using food and water. Secured them in the brooder.

Using Storey’s Guide to Raising Ducks, started constructing a new brooder next to the feed area.
Materials Used:
scavenged green box to use as walls for draft protection.
metal grating for floor from back of poultry barn
8ft of metal wire mesh fencing
took apart one skid for lumber
one plywood off-cut, roughly 2ft x 4ft

Very heavy rain fall. Large droplets and very intense for two 15-20 min long durations.

Performed second round of releasing hatch-lings from brooder, same process as before.

Performed animal activities in the PM.

Cleaned up workshop and tools, secured animals and checked food and water.

Went on a run with dogs after dark and left for home.