Cavaleiro Farm is a 65 acre Agro-Ecological Farm growing food for local people to eat. We are democratically controlled by a diverse community of farmers, cultivators, entrepreneurs, builders, tinkerers, and foodies. What we all have in common is caring for traditions of natural food systems, rural lifestyle and the profession of farming.

Although innovative and unique, we are certainly not alone. Our farm stands in solidarity with other farms applying principles of permaculture, popular education, food sovereignty, and the multi-farm CSA model. Learn more about us here.

Experience the farm life for a day!

Have you been longing to reconnect with nature? Want to get a better understanding of where your food comes from? How about taking a walk with the sheep and meeting our cute little lambs up close?

You can do all that and more! Join us for a Farm Tour or Farmer Workday and experience the farm life.

A Sampling of Our Community

Damian Adjodha

Catalyst Organic Gardens

Educator, Cultivator and Farmer

Janice Ho


Nature, Food, Outdoor Adventures

Ivan Wadgymar

Maizal Mexican Cuisine

Chef, Restaurateur, Farmer, Cultural Ambassador

Rene Suarez

Make it Natural

Holistic Living, Soaps, Lotions and Oils


Cavaleiro Farm is like a cooperative farm but with memberships. We have three types of membership that you can join: General, Incubator, and Enterprise. Any member can submit a project or business proposal. We have a wide range of professions, experiences, and knowledge experts within the community (i.e. teachers, engineers, farmers, chefs...). Members support one another and the farm with a shared vision of positive social, environmental, and economic outcomes.

General Spaces

General Membership

Contribute with your skills, network, materials, etc. for special experiences and gain access to the local food community.

Incubator Spaces

Incubator Membership

Learn skills and build a career or business in farming, local food, science or technology using nature.

Enterprise Spaces

Enterprise Membership

Already have a business that's making moves in the local food scene? Want to start your own farm, but that dream seems out of reach at the moment? This membership is designed so that farmers and local food businesses can access the space as if it were their own farm. A flexible pay-per-service system and the supporting infrastructure get you to a sustainable operation as quick as possible.

A Sample of Our Projects

Holistic Farm Design

Tiny Homes

FoodWeb Software

Backyard Chickens

Aquaponics Greenhouse & Living Walls

Up-Cycling Partners

Click on the articles below to learn more about how Cavaleiro is up-cycling waste from urban areas into nutritious and healthy food! 

Churrasquira Red Rooster

By Saqib | April 6, 2016

Materials Contributed For Up-Cycling Churrasquira Red Rooster restaurants are tied in closely with Cavaleiro Farm and we are working hard to make stronger connections in the coming seasons. Currently, the restaurant diverts thousands of pounds of cardboard yearly from the landfill to the farm instead. We also compost Red Rooster’s waste food scraps which eventually help…

Toronto Zoo & The Giant Pandas

By Saqib | January 25, 2016

According to our friends at the Toronto Zoo, The Giant Pandas are notoriously picky eaters. As it turns out, they reject the vast majority of bamboo served up on a daily basis. One of our earliest contributors and partners, the Toronto Zoo sends truckloads of bamboo to Cavaleiro Farm so it can be up-cycled. Materials: Bamboo…

Toronto Tree Removal

By Saqib | January 25, 2016

Aaron, owner of Toronto Tree Removal, recycles 99% of the material produced by his tree removal company. Materials Contributed: Wood Chips Firewood Stumps, Logs and Miscellaneous Wood  

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